The colors and my love (by Oriza Martins)

– The colors and my love

I am a hummingbird
Here and there,
Kissing, cherishing flowers…
Life – a magic road,
Totally flanked
By colorful sensations.

A feeling in light colors
Has the sweet of mouve
From plume, the softness…
Reflects the skies in calm seas
Green of hope,
Blue dream of clarity…

A feeling in intense shades,
Dark, leaden, brown,
It is really a serious case…
Embraces me in spells,
Immerging in fantasies,
A maze of mystery…

A desperate feeling
Has the golden yellow
Of Autumn fallen leaves...
It is the fruit of anxiety,
But it is worth – truly –
Compensates all my pain…

The burning feeling
Ascend hot colors,
Ruby, red, carmine
Remind an erupting volcano
Incandescent desires
That explode inside me…

A thousand ways of wishing,
Pleasures that makes us crazy,
Naive, vain, fatal…
Each one with its scent,
So many delights, flavours,
That I do not even know which one I want more…

And, if we live to love,
Crazy seas to sail,
Along the taste of emotions,
I go one following my fate,
Beautifully cherishing
A rainbow of passions!

©Oriza Martins

Total Love (by Oriza Martins)

Total Love

A changing with no censuras,
An unconditional giving
Companionship with no charges,
Based on trust,
This is total love.

We speak through the eyes,
We smile with the heart…
Only the one who is capable of loving,
Knows how to communicate
His inner emotion.

A fountain gushing out happiness,
Loyalty and complicity
Our love is passion,
The pillar of our union,
It is sublime… it is total!

©Oriza Martins

Dreams of Love in the Autumn (by Oriza Martins)

Dreams of Love in the Autumn

Autumn leaves...
...falling, reckless, on the ground,
Like the dreams that are gone,
Taking your hopes away,
Far, far away, dispersed,
Leaving to loneliness,
A bitter heart…

Autumn leaves...
You are gone... You had already
A role in nature,
But keep on
Spreading beauty…
My foolish dreams,
Barely accomplished their role,
Leave me lonely, miserable,
Scattering with the wind,
Dragging hopes,
And spreading uncertainty.

Autumn leaves...
...which in cycles may return,
Along the come and go of seasons,
In divine productions,
In spells and magic,
In a sweet makeover

But my dreams?...

If my dreams... I wish...
Could come back to my life,
Like Autumn leaves
And Spring colors…
If… in my inner Autumn,
The dreams could light
The flames of yore, love…
Certainly a miracle would happen:
My beliefes would born again,
My sadness would stop…

©Oriza Martins