The colors and my love (by Oriza Martins)

– The colors and my love

I am a hummingbird
Here and there,
Kissing, cherishing flowers…
Life – a magic road,
Totally flanked
By colorful sensations.

A feeling in light colors
Has the sweet of mouve
From plume, the softness…
Reflects the skies in calm seas
Green of hope,
Blue dream of clarity…

A feeling in intense shades,
Dark, leaden, brown,
It is really a serious case…
Embraces me in spells,
Immerging in fantasies,
A maze of mystery…

A desperate feeling
Has the golden yellow
Of Autumn fallen leaves...
It is the fruit of anxiety,
But it is worth – truly –
Compensates all my pain…

The burning feeling
Ascend hot colors,
Ruby, red, carmine
Remind an erupting volcano
Incandescent desires
That explode inside me…

A thousand ways of wishing,
Pleasures that makes us crazy,
Naive, vain, fatal…
Each one with its scent,
So many delights, flavours,
That I do not even know which one I want more…

And, if we live to love,
Crazy seas to sail,
Along the taste of emotions,
I go one following my fate,
Beautifully cherishing
A rainbow of passions!

©Oriza Martins

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